Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Peak

Mountain Light #2

“Mountains are earth's undecaying monuments.”
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

"Winter Peak"
(Click on Photo for Larger View)
A snow covered peak looms over Colorado's
Eisenhower Tunnel near the Continental Divide.

I thought a wintery shot would be nice for the 1st of December.

I snapped this photo as we were coming back from skiing last spring. Traffic was at a standstill, as it often is during the ski season, so I was afforded many opportunities to take photos from the car. It's not so bad being stuck in traffic when views like this are available.

Near as I can tell from the map, this mountain seems to be about 12,200 feet high.


bobbie said...

A beautiful shot - especially one taken while stuck in traffic. And perfect for the start of December.

Picture Imperfect said...

Brrr! I love the way the sky is so blue and you can see a bit of snow blowing off the top of the mountain.

Isn't it wonderful when you find yourself waiting for something... and waiting... and waiting... but all the while you are absorbed in the most wonderful beauty? Makes waiting FUN! :o)

Cherie said...

I love the bright blue against the stark white of the mountain. Looks like it might have been a bit windy thought. Brrrr....

Mountain Photog said...

Thanks, Bobbie! I definitely made the most out of being stuck in traffic there. :)

I love the snow blowing off the peak, too, Penny! One of these days I'm going to make an effort to truly capture that in a photo. And you're right, having something so beautiful to gaze at makes waiting to get somewhere a piece of cake. :)

I was stuck (literally) in the snow near Cottonwood Pass one year and had to wait hours for a tow truck to pull me out. But I had a lake at the base of mountains to look at and mountain goats on the hillside to watch. I didn't care if they ever dug me out. I was fully prepared to spend the night. :)

Mountain Photog said...

Thanks, Cherie! Colorado is famous for blue skies like that. It was definitely windy at the top of the mountain--it almost always is that high. I don't remember it being so windy skiing though. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's so windy they have to shut down the lifts so no one gets hurt. I'm not crazy about skiing those days. :)

Villas Girl said...

Wow! This is beautiful. And yes well worth being stuck in traffic. Lisa

Mountain Photog said...

Thanks Lisa! It sure beats being at a standstill in Commerce City (you can imagine what that's like) or someplace similar. :)

Dianne said...

one of the joys of my camera is that it travels with me, it's such a good companion - it never annoys me and always helps me see things in a new way :)

beautiful shot Lisa

Mountain Photog said...

I love the thought of camera as companion, Dianne. What a great way to look at it--that's exactly what it is. Though I can't say mine never annoys me. ;) And thanks!

ruma2008 said...

Thank you for visiting the colored leaves of the Far East.

The haiku of Basho Matsuo seems to have been given to you.


Mountain Photog said...

Greetings, Ruma! You have some truly beautiful work on your blog. I'm looking forward to exploring it further. :)

Tricia said...

Colorado is one state I'd love to live & what GORGEOUS BREATHTAKING views there! WoW!

Mountain Photog said...

Thanks for stopping by Tricia! Colorado really does have some spectacular scenery--there aren't many places in the state that aren't beautiful. It's hard to beat the mountains but even the rolling grasslands are lovely in their own way.

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