Friday, September 17, 2010

"Winter Chickadee" Selected as Calendar Finalist

 A Walk on the Wild Side #4

One of the photos I submitted for the 2011 Seasons of Our Mountains calendar contest was chosen as a finalist!

"Winter Chickadee"

The full color calendar offers a different image each month unique to Evergreen, Conifer, and surrounding communities and is published as a benefit for the Mount Evans Hospice in Evergreen.

If you live in the area please be
sure to vote for your favorite photos! 

Finalist selections and voting forms can be found in the September 15th editions of the Canyon Courier and High Timber Times. All 24 photos will be on display through September 29th at Evergreen National Bank, where you can also cast your vote. Votes must be received by September 29th.

Wish me luck! The competition is tough--there are some really outstanding photos in the final running. I wish they had them displayed online for my out-of-area friends but you can see last year's photos by clicking on the link below.

Click on image for purchasing options for this photo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

And Now the Reservoir Road Fire

Mountain Living #7

Another Type 1 wildfire is burning in the mountains west of Loveland. The fire started Sunday morning and quickly grew to 600 acres by the end of the day. It is now estimated at around 900 acres and is 20-25% contained. Luckily calm winds are helping to keep the fire from spreading too quickly at the moment.

A 9 News helicopter captured this image of a burning A-Frame Sunday.

Two homes have been lost in this fire and 159 homes have been lost in the Fourmile Canyon Fire, which was at 87% containment last night.

Who would have thought we would be dealing with wildfire in September? It's been unusually dry the past month or so, however, with extremely low humidity (4% the other day) and no rain in sight. I'm even hoping for a repeat of last September about now.

Update as of Friday September 17, 2010

The Fourmile Canyon fire area (fully contained on Monday) will opened to the public at 6 p.m. today almost two weeks after the fire broke out. 

The Reservoir Road fire is now 100% contained with local authorities taking control of the fire today.

The fire danger continues to be extreme.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mountains Still on Fire

Mountain Living #6

The Fourmile Canyon Fire has been downsized today but containment still remains at 0%. Of the 93 structures that burned, 50+ were homes. (Update: 159 homes have been lost in this fire.)

It looks like rain here today. I hope it falls soon, and in great amounts. . .

Stuart O'Steen captured some frightening video of the blaze at night.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mountains on Fire

Mountain Living #5

The idyllic and peaceful mountain landscape many Coloradoans have chosen to call home has a dark side called Wildfire--and that dark side has ravaged the foothills northwest of Boulder in the last two days, consuming more than 7,100 acres and an estimated 92 structures, including nine homes belonging to firefighters who were fighting the blaze.

A 9 News aerial view of a burning home.

"It is a testament to their commitment and bravery. While they were out saving someone else's home, theirs is burning down," Incident Commander Chief Don Whittemore said.

The Fourmile Canyon Fire, as it's called, began yesterday morning and has been fueled by tinder-dry vegetation and strong winds and as of 6 p.m. this evening, was 0% contained.

The news video of homes going up in flames has been very difficult to watch. I haven't posted here for quite a while but I wanted to take the time this evening to extend my deepest condolences to the firefighters--and all mountain residents--who lost their homes, and all who are still waiting on pins and needles, hoping for the best come morning light. My heart goes out to them as I am reminded of many occasions where a major wildfire was headed our way in years past and how lucky we were that the weather changed or the wind shifted and we were spared the anguish that those folks in the foothills near Boulder are going through now.

The Hayman Fire of 2002

A donation line has been set up for those impacted by the Fourmile Canyon Fire, though it probably only works for Colorado residents.

The United Way says anyone wishing to make any kind of donation, from money to clothes to food, can call 211. Callers will then be transferred to the appropriate agency for their donation. The service is free and is open 24 hours a day.The United Way is asking people not to drop off donations at the center itself. Anyone who would like to help volunteer is encouraged to call 303-444-4904.

Also, the  Longmont Humane Society and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley could use financial aid since they are stretched thin caring for evacuated pets.
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