Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to One and All!

(Click on Photo for Larger View)
New Year's Eve Fireworks at "Skate The Lake" in Evergreen, Colorado

Many thanks to all my visitors for stopping by my blog and commenting on my photos. I've really enjoyed getting to know all of you this year and am looking forward to seeing what's in store for all of us in 2010!

May the New Year bring all of you all good things!


Cherie said...

What a great photo! And I love the New Year's image. I'm so glad that I get to see a bit more of you here. Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos...I've enjoyed browsing. Keep up the great work. I will visit again!!

bobbie said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Dianne said...

I agree with Cherie
I'm so happy to see you here in BlogLand

all good things

Mountain Photog said...

Thanks, Cherie! For years we would do "Skate the Lake" on New Year's Eve. It was a lot of fun when my daughter was younger. These days, however, she has her own plans for the evening. :) I'm glad to get a bit more news from you, too!

I'm so glad you like the photos, Aspen! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :) I'll check out your corner of Cyberspace as soon as I get a chance.

Thank you Bobbie! I hope the New Year is good to you and yours as well. :)

I'm happy to be here, too, Dianne. I'll catch up with you as soon as I'm able.

I have to say, I'm not starting the New Year off with a bang, however. My computer failed to boot up this morning--the hard drive isn't recognized--and I don't have time to take it all apart right now. Sigh. . . And I was really getting jazzed for throwing myself more into my work and catching up with the Blogosphere in the New Year. Sigh. Best laid plans. . .

Linda said...

Beautiful fireworks! I had some on my blog but I think I like the colors in your picture better. Then again, I've always been a sucker for purple!

A very happy New Year to you and yours; looking forward to more of your wonderful photography during the coming year!

Mountain Photog said...

I just saw your photo, Linda--yours is way better! Very sharp and a perfect formation! And purple, too! :)

Happy New Year! And I'm looking forward to more of your great photos, too!

Picture Imperfect said...

Hi Lisa!

That fireworks shot is SO beautiful, I love it!

Sorry to hear that your hard drive isn't cooperating - have you managed to get it fixed yet? Hopefully today, as I update myself on the blog world, I'll read that you've got it all fixed and better now. :o)

I hope that the New Year is treating you really well!

Mountain Photog said...

Hi Penny! Thanks! Night shots are tricky; something to work on in the coming year. :)

The first thing I have to do is get to my hard drive and check cables and such, as it's possible that the drive has loosened up, but I haven't had time to mess with it. Hopefully I'll get to it soon after winter break is over. All my photo programs and files are on there. :(

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